Wedding Dance Lessons are all about showing the love.
The most important part of your wedding dance is enjoying it.

Our Wedding dance lessons are designed for you to have fun on your special day. Whether you want a simple dance or an epic choreography, we can work with and capture the spirit of your partnership.

Our wedding dance packages also include music editing to the song of your choice. If you don’t have a song, we’re happy to suggest a plethora of possibilities! And if you want to do a medley, we can edit multiple songs for a montage.

Basic Wedding Dance Package-

If you want to keep it simple and nice, this is the package for you! it’s also a very popular package for father/daughter dances and mother/son dances. It includes:

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • Complimentary Song Editing
  • Outlined Routine with Intro and Finale Pose
  • Total – $360
Wedding Dance Packages can teach you amazing dance moves.
Fun dance moves no one will forget!

Premium Wedding Dance Package

For the couples who want a particular dance (i.e. salsa, bachata,, waltz, etc.) and a complete choreography from beginning to end of your song, this wedding package is designed for you! You won’t have to get creative under pressure and can memorize your dance moves, while impressing everyone with your newfound skills. *Additional lessons may be needed to make you comfortable with your routine.

  • 8 Privates
  • Complimentary Song Editing
  • Full Choreography with tricks and dips
  • Total- $600

Call or Text 502-438-9355 or use the contact form below to get your wedding package planned today.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Dance Lessons Available
We all come from the same love. LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Dance Lessons

~ Same Love ~

Bourbon Tango is an LGBTQ+ ally and works with multiple couples to make sure their day is just as special as everyone else’s. Dance is about embracing whoever your partner is, and in our opinion, makes the world a better place.

LGBTQ+ dances can be fun and unique as who leads and follows in the dance can be fluid.

Your First Dance should be about you both enjoying yourselves.
We make special moves easy for you special moment.

Additional Wedding Dance Packages Available

Father Daughter Dances and Mother Son Dances

Father Daughter Dance Lessons and  Mother Son Dance Lessons are tear jerkers and amazing moments that deserve attention.
The Father Daughter Dance and/or Mother Son Dance is another moment we can help accentuate!
The dance with your parent or mentor can be fun or poignant.
Father Daughter Dance always gets us in the feels.

Over the years Cherie and Clay have worked with many families of the Bride and Groom to help take wedding dances up a notch. We are happy to work with you whether you just want a simple lesson on connecting and enjoying this special moment or something more robust.

Wedding Party Group Dance Routines and Flash Mobs can be so fun and surpising!
Wedding Group Dances and Flash Mobs are great ways to get the wedding party involved

Wedding Party Dance Routines and Flash mobs

We have decades of experience organizing group routines and also making sure they are simple and easy enough to learn given everyone’s schedules. We usually do a combination of in-person and virtual lessons to help make sure everyone can practice and have a good time. Prices vary depending on just how crazy you want it, so message us for details, and let’s have some fun!